Main Functions

Shandong Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision is the department directly under the Shandong Government, in charge of the provincial standardization, metrology, quality, certification and accreditation ,safety management of special equipments, as well as administrative law-enforcement. It manages vertically local Bureaus of Quality and Technical Supervision.

1. Responsible for work on the provincial quality and technical supervision;Draft local regulations and regulations about quality and technical supervision; Be responsible for the technical specification about quality and technology.

2. In charge of macroscopically quality management; Organize the implementation of the "Guidelines on Quality Development"; Build the product quality integrity system ;Implement Program for Shandong Quality development and brand development strategy,implement national and provincial quality reward system;Supervise and manage the anti-counterfeiting work of the product;Implement recall system for defective products.

3. Supervise the product quality safety;Supervise and manage the safety of production process of the quality and safety of food related products;Participate in food safety accident investigation and treatment according to the prescribed jurisdiction;Responsible for industrial products (including food related products) production license management and fiber quality supervision and inspection work;Organize the implementation of product quality and safety risk monitoring, supervision and spot check work;Supervise and manage arbitration inspection and appraisal of product quality and safety;Organize product quality and safety special rectification work;Investigate and punish product quality violations according to law;The illegal behaviors of product quality need to be investigated according to the law;Combating counterfeit and shoddy activities according to the division of labor;According to the provincial government authorization, organize and coordinate the relevant special crackdown activities in the province;Organization and investigation the accident survey of the major products.

4. In charge of management on the standardization issues; Organize and implement national standards and industry standards, to monitor the implementation of standards, to develop and publish local standards and oversee the implementation, responsible for enterprise product standard (non-food production and processing enterprise product standards) for the record, responsible for enterprise product standard registration; Comprehensively manage organization code and commodity code of the province .

5. In charge of provincial metrology affair; Implement the legal measurement units and comply the state metrology system; Implement the modernization of industrial measurements; Regulate and supervise the quality of commodity and the measurement activities; Supervise the qualification of metrology institutes and personnel.

6. Manage the certification and accreditation work in Shandong Province;Supervise and manage the certification activities according to the authorization;In charge of the provincial qualification approval of laboratory according to the law.

7. To formulate and implement scientific and technological development plan for quality and technical supervision;Organize major scientific research and import of major technology;To organize international cooperation and exchange of quality and technical supervision.

8. In charge of supervision affair of special equipment safety;Supervise the implementation of energy efficiency standards of high energy consumption special equipment.

9. Undertake the daily work of the leading group of provincial quality strong province and famous brand strategy.

10. Responsible for assisting the management of the quality and technical supervision department leading cadres in the district.

11. To undertake other tasks assigned by the provincial government and the provincial party committee.

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